Meet The Man

From humble log cabin beginnings, DOCdocDrug of Choice Brand Coffee founder J. Perkins Brewster III rose to tremendous power in an era when the titans of industry were building vast global empires. Amid rumors that he was about to be named ambassador to Lower Moravia, Brewster was on an early expedition exploring the Amazon Basin when, providentially, he had the opportunity to acquire a 100,000 acre coffee plantation. The rest, as they say, is history. 

In that long ago era, people would "make" a cup of coffee. But advancements made by the man known as simply Perkins to his friends resulted in new methods which he invented: first, to "brewster" a cup of coffee, eventually shortened to simply "brew;" and also to "perk" a cup in what was originally called a "perkolator." We have J. Perkins Brewster III to thank for those terms we now use every day.

J. Perkins Brewster III's wish was that millions could enjoy Drug of Choice Brand Coffee. As he liked to say, "coffee is good medicine." But always remember this: please enjoy Drug of Choice Brand Coffee responsibly.



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In these challenging economic times, many across this land have turned to strong drink in an effort to cope with life's difficulties. At Drug of Choice Brand Coffee, we applaud this development. But please keep in mind the immortal words of our illustrious founder, J. Perkins Brewster III: "if you must drink heavily, at least drink Drug of Choice Brand Coffees." Do you have an important job interview tomorrow? Begin your day with Morning Bolus, perhaps followed by a bowl of Columbian Cornflakes (hold the corn).  Remember, "Coffee is good medicine."

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